Valdeón cheese
Valdeón cheese

Flavors of Spain

Area - Castile-Leon

The origin of Valdeón cheese is very ancient. It has always been closely related with the farming/pastoral culture of the Valdeón valley.

The area for making Valdeón cheese is concentrated in the valley with the same name, in the province of León, lying in the Picos de Europa. It is a cheese with a blue paste, made all year round with cow's or goat's milk or a mixture of both. The outstanding feature of its manufacturing process is a long maturing period until it reaches a point between medium mature and mature.

It has a rough, irregular rind in dark grey shades with little red and bluish marks. The paste has a soft texture and pale yellow colour and is full of small cavities where a white and greenish blue mould is concentrated.

Its flavour is strong and rather spicy, it is greasy and buttery on the palate and very aromatic.



In a cylindrical format, it appears in blocks weighing around 2kg or in terrine.


It is recommended for spreading.
Melting easily, it is perfect for preparing any kind of blue cheese sauce.


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