White rice
White rice
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White rice (regular-milled) has the outer husk and bran layers removed. Most U.S. white rice is enriched with thiamin, niacin and iron and fortified with folic acid to restore nutrients lost during processing.

Some popular varieties:

White rice 1

Arborio is a medium grain rice with a characteristic white dot at the center of the grain. Primarily used in risotto, this rice develops a creamy texture and has an exceptional ability to absorb flavours.

White rice 2

Basmati is an aromatic long grain rice with its own distinctive aroma and flavour. The cooked grains are long, separate and fluffy.

White rice 3

Jasmine is an aromatic long grain rice with a distinctive aroma and flavour. Cooked grains are soft, moist and cling together.


You’ll find dozens of recipes in the general rice file which you can adapt as desired, using white, brown, red or black rice.



Photo : ID 43609121 / Pauliene Wessel / MSCOMM

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