Ocean Trout
Ocean Trout

This member of the salmonid family is also called steelhead, Kamloops trout, steelhead trout, and silver trout. Like most other members of the salmonid family, the appearance of rainbow trout varies.

Tasmanian Ocean Trout
Tasmanian Ocean Trout has a distinctive rosy pink/orange flesh and high omega 6 content which makes them an ideal eating fish. The flavour is more subtle and less salty than Atlantic or farmed salmon, and according to many chefs, much better tasting.

Chef's Talk
"Rainbow trout raised in saline waters are now marketed as "ocean trout" in Australia. There are numerous salmon farms in Australia, explained Tetsuya Wakuda. So when I asked a Tasmanian producer to supply my restaurant with ocean trout on a regular basis, they looked at me with astonishment. I was a trail-blazer. That was many years ago and today I use more than 25 tonnes of ocean trout in various forms each year. By simply cooking it a little more or less, or adding a pinch of salt, the fish takes on a different taste and texture. You could say ocean trout is our restaurant's signature.

But why fish from Tasmanian waters?
The environment is key. The ocean trout are raised in a wild area, a pen in a protected spot in Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania's west coast, renowned for the purity of its water, which is brackish (half saltwater, half fresh water). When the fish come to feed, the fresh water cleans their gills naturally. What's more, the current is very powerful so as the trout "exercise," they get stronger. And since this is not a mass production operation, the pen isn't overpopulated. These are just of few of the reasons why I favour this delicious and versatile fish"!

Charlie Trotter is a big fan, and regularly features fresh Petuna Ocean Trout from Tasmania on the menu of his Chicago restaurant. Charlie Trotter was introduced to Tasmanian Petuna Ocean Trout during a visit to Australia, at his friend Tetsuya Wakuda’s world-renowned Sydney restaurant.

“It’s rich and luscious, but with a clean, fresh taste. Also versatile to cook with” Charlie Trotter says. I have several ways of presenting it: I may poach it with olive oil and herbs, served with a pea and wasabi puree. Or slow roast it with red wine risotto, wild thyme and thin green asparagus.



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