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Rubus fruticosus French: mûre


Other name: Bramble

Rosaceae (rose) family


The blackberry is the fruit of a shrub of the Rubus genus that is often called “bramble” (an old English word for prickle) in the British Isles. It should not be confused with the mulberry (Morus spp.) or the black raspberry or thimbleberry (Rubus occidentalis).

The Greeks called it “Titans’ blood,” because it was said to have sprung up from the blood shed by the Titans during the battle they waged against the gods.

Blackberries are distinguished from raspberries by the fact that the receptacle stays attached to the blackberry when it is picked, while in the case of the raspberry it stays attached to the cane, leaving the center of the fruit hollow.



Photo: ID : 9652124 / Anna Kucherova for MSCOMM

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