Common crab
Common crab
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Cancer pagurusFrench: tourteau, dormeur
Spanish: barrilete
German: Taschenkrebs
Italian: granciporro



Using crabs in cooking is relatively recent. In the 18th century their meat was used as bait for catching lobsters. Until the 20th century, crabs were not widely sold and were eaten almost solely by fishermen, who simply boiled them.

Did you know that the common crab has an oval body of a reddish-brown color and has two pincers? Watch your fingers! The pincers of adult crabs are capable of crushing a finger very easily. Crabs are migratory and can travel almost 100 km (60 miles) in search of a more favorable climate. They also change shells as they grow. The largest ones can reach a width of 30-40 cm (12 to 16") over 15 years. Crabs are carnivores and feed mostly at night on shrimps, sea grubs, etc.



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