Hokkaido squash
Hokkaido squash
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Cucurbita maxima var.

French: Potimarron, Potiron doux d'Hokkaïdo ,Red Kuri, Courge de Chine


Winter squash > Potiron or Europeau pumpkin > Hokkaido squash

Origin: North America

Etymology: From the Algonquin Indian words askoot asquash, meaning “to eat green” 
An annual plant with trailing stems, of the Cucurbitaceae family. Unlike summer squash, its skin is hard and inedible.
Its origins remain obscure, and though it is found in America, it has also been grown in the Far East since time immemorial. The Japanese variety that is now best-known is from Hokkaido in northern Japan, where it is still referred to as "Chinese squash."
You’ll be surprised by the quality of its flesh: even people who claim not to like pumpkin soups will be won over by the chestnut-like flavor of this Asian fruit, now grown in North America

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