Apple Strudel - Austrian recipe Recipe
Apple Strudel - Austrian recipe
Flavors of Austria
Total time: 30 to 60 minutes

Prep. time: 30 minutes
Oven temperature: 210° C / 425° F
Baking time: About 35 minutes

Difficulty: Average
Chef's Note

Apple strudel is a classic dessert, usually made with Boskoop apples. It's a large rectangular pastry turnover, easily recognizable because of its nice high stacks of apple layers.
Strudel is cooked at a high temperature so that the fruit doesn't give off its juice. If the dough starts getting too brown, lower the heat and/or loosely place a sheet of aluminum foil over top without enclosing it tightly. Serve with crème anglaise or whipped cream.

If you don't feel up to making the dough yourself, use phyllo pastry… you'll have a less traditional strudel, but one that is just as delicious.

- 1.2 kg (2 ½ lbs) apples
- 250 g (8 oz.) strudel dough
- 200 g (7 oz.) crème fraîche or whipping cream
- 110 g (4 oz.) melted butter
- 60 g (2 oz.) raisins
- 50 g (2 oz.) ground hazelnuts
- 60 g (1/4 c.) sugar
- 100 g (3 ½ oz.) bread, dried in the oven and made into crumbs
- Juice of half a lemon
- A pinch of cinnamon
- Icing sugar

  1. Peel and core the apples; slice thinly;
  2. immediately place into a bowl with the lemon juice, sugar, raisins, hazelnuts, crème fraîche and cinnamon;
  3. on a floured work surface, roll out the dough into a rectangle; place on a buttered baking sheet; brush with melted butter;
  4. sprinkle with the bread crumbs; pile the apples in the centre;
  5. fold the dough over the apples to close; brush with a little melted butter; place into a preheated 210° C / 425° F oven for about 35 minutes;
  6. remove the strudel from the oven; let cool until warm and sprinkle with icing sugar.
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