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Malus sylvestris

French: pomme



Etymology: From the Old English “aeppel.” Adam bit into the apple and paradise ceased to exist on earth. It is the tree of evil (“malus”).

Origin: Asia Minor

Apple Caramel "Croquant" with Granny Smith Sorbet
Vincent Maillard, le Byblos, St-Tropez
Apple Charlotte
Jacques Thorel, anc. chef-propriétaire de l'Auberge Bretonne
Baked apple or Apple in a caramel spice cage
Daniel Vézina, le Laurie Raphaël, Québec / Montréal
Crêpe Millefeuille with Apple and Apricot Compote
Jean-Pierre Vigato, Restaurant Apicius, Paris
Grandmother's Apple Tart with Calvados
Michel Bruneau - Restaurant La Bourride
Granny Smith Apples with Granita
Michel Troisgros, Maison Troisgros, France
Green Apple Granita
Michel Bruneau - Restaurant La Bourride
Plate Around an Apple
Olivier Roellinger, Les Maisons de Bricourt, Bretagne
Spiced Tart Apple Chutney
Jean-Michel Lorain, La Côte St-Jacques, Bourgogne, France
The Demoiselles Tatin's Apple Tart
Didier Clément, Grand Hôtel du Lion d'Or, France
Rabbit Simmered in Cider with Apples
Jérôme Ferrer, restaurant Europea, Nontréal

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