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Bloody Mary in 3 Volumes Recipe
Bloody Mary in 3 Volumes
Thierry Marx, Château Cordeillan-Bages, France
Thierry Marx, Château Cordeillan-Bages, France

Preparation time: A few minutes + gelling time

Chef's Note

Thierry Marx, one of the most creative chefs of his generation, and Nick Strangeway, one of the hottest bartenders in the city and a mixology specialist, have put a new spin on the classic Bloody Mary with a visual and gustatory approach in 3 volumes: foamy, liquid and solid. This new recipe, with its surprising flavors and textures, was made possible thanks to Wyborowa Exquisite Wodka, the premier Polish vodka made from just one variety of rye from a single source, and Beefeater Gin.

The new cocktail was given a preview tasting at the first Cocktail and Spirits Salon held in Paris on May 25 and 26. Thierry Marx says, "Starting with the iconic Bloody Mary recipe, created by Frenchman Fernand Petiot in 1924, we have created a balance of tastes and a new structure based on the historic cocktail, but which raises it to new heights with a diversity of colors, textures and flavors."

Bloody Mary...  3 in 1 glass!

. In liquid form: the original recipe with 1 part Wyborowa Exquisite, 1 part tomato juice and a touch of lime.

. In the form of a light mousse, the "recipe travels from France to the USA" (an allusion to the 1930s when the original recipe gained fame at the St. Regis bar in New York), where Beefeater Gin is substituted for Wyborowa Exquisite Wodka.

. In the form of a light-as-air ball, the 21st century recipe in which Wyborowa Exquisite is encapsulated in this pearl that allows all the flavors of the cocktail to explode at the moment it is tasted.

Liquid part
- 1 part vodka
- 1 part tomato juice
- A squeeze of lime juice

Upper part
- 1 part gin
- 1 part tomato juice
- A squeeze of lime juice
- A few drops of Tabasco

Spherical part
- 1 part vodka
- 2 parts tomato juice
- A dash of Tabasco
- 1 sheet of gelatin

Liquid part

  1. Combine the three ingredients.

Upper part

  1. Place the ingredients in a bowl; emulsify with an electric mixer. 
  2. Gently place the mousse on the liquid part.

Spherical part

  1. Combine the liquid ingredients.
  2. Line the sides of small moulds with a sheet of gelatin that has been soaked in water and squeezed out. 
  3. Pour in the liquid ingredients and close up the gelatin sheet to form a "pearl." Let set in the refrigerator. To simplify, you could also gel the ingredients.
  4. Place the "pearl" on the top of the drink.


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