Foie Gras Cooked in Cheesecloth Recipe
Foie Gras Cooked in Cheesecloth
Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note

Traditionally foie gras was wrapped in a linen or cotton cloth and immersed in hot duck stock. Although the method has evolved somewhat in the interim, the "au torchon" method remains synonymous with quality, since only a whole foie gras is prepared this way. Today, the simplicity of the process amazes food lovers who taste this food of the gods. This traditional recipe consists of taking a whole foie gras, seasoning it with salt and pepper and macerating it in a sweet wine or alcohol, then wrapping it in cheesecloth and steaming it.

- 1 foie gras, 500-600 g (1 lb. 2 oz. - 1 lb. 5 oz.)
- 2-3 Tbsp. Port, Armagnac, Sauternes or ice wine
- salt and white pepper
- 1 g sugar
  1. Devein the foie gras.
  2. Moisten the foie gras with Port or another liquor, salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar. Cover and macerate in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  3. The next day, roll the foie gras up in a cotton cheesecloth, pulling tightly to form it into a nice cylinder. Tie up both ends.
  4. Cook for 12-15 minutes in simmering duck or veal stock or simply water. It is important that the temperature of the liquid not exceed 77° C (170° F) - it must not boil.
  5. When the cooking is complete, wrap the foie gras in plastic wrap and let rest in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. 48 hours is even better!
  6. Slice and serve with a pinch of sea salt and Sauternes jelly or fig or onion compote. Any fruit jelly will pair very well with foie gras cooked in cheesecloth.
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