Welsh Rarebit Recipe
Welsh Rarebit
Flavors of Wales
Total time: less than 15 minutes
Preheat oven to "grill"
Preparation time: A few minutes
Cooking time: A few minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Ingredients for 6 servings
- 225 g (8 oz.) strong-flavored Cheddar, such as Caws Llyn
- 25 g (5 tsp.) melted butter
- 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
- 1 tbsp. English mustard
- 1 tbsp. flour
- 4 tbsp. beer or ale
- 4 slices of wholewheat toast
- Cayenne
  1. Grate the cheese and mix the remaining ingredients to a firm paste.
  2. Spread over the 4 slices of toast and grill gently until the topping is cooked through and well-browned.
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