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Flavors of England

You may have eaten lots of cheddar, but how well do you really know this cheese?

Cheddar is actually white, but often has annatto added – a flavourless vegetable dye – to create the signature orange hue.

This particular cheese was first made in an English village in Somerset known as Cheddar. At the edge of the village lies the Cheddar Gorge, filled with caves, which proved prime spots for maturing cheese. Local legend says the first cheddar was made by a milkmaid who used to store her milk in these caves. Luckily for us, this milkmaid was forgetful and didn’t retrieve her buckets for some time. When she finally did get them, she discovered something new and delicious.



firm cheese (pressed and cooked cheese, interior-ripened).

Appearance and texture
rindless, bright and smooth surface; light yellow or orange-coloured; firm, smooth texture and slightly elastic.

flavor of butter.
mild (3 months); medium (from 4 to 9 months); sharp (from 9 months to 5 or 7 years)

taste of hazelnut which gets more complex with time.

it melts and browns at high temperatures.

Canadian file Agropur Grand Cheddar
Cheddar 1

This firm thermized milk cheese has been named World’s Best Aged Cheddar numerous times thanks to its exceptional quality. This strong 3-year-old cheddar with a sharp aroma pairs well with sweet jams,  jellies and chutneys.  


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