Easter in the Czech Republic
Easter in the Czech Republic

Flavours of the Czech Republic

Happy Easter from Czech Republic or Veselé Velikonoce!

When it comes to food, Czechs stick to what they know best – tradition. Every day offers a different dish to sample.

All the ritual starts on Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is known as "ugly Wednesday." Food is supposed to look "ugly" as if the recipe did not go as as planned. Usually Kaiserschmann, a kind of pancake is served, which is broken up roughly with a fork. 

Green Thrusday calls for something green
Easter in the Czech Republic 1

In the Czech Republic, green takes pride of place at the Easter table. You'll find dishes made from young nettles which symbolize the arrival of spring, spinach and parsley, and stuffings and soups made from green herbs. In the past they also served "pucalka," sprouted peas served with salt and pepper or in a sweet version with grapes. 

Velikonoční Jidášky - Judas rope
These breakfast rolls, made to look like ropes, suggest the fate of Judas Iscariot, who “went and hanged himself” (Matthew 27:5 NKJV) in despair after he had betrayed Jesus to His enemies.
They are usually served with honey for breakfast on "Green Thursday."

On Good Friday

This fast day is the time for fish, fish soup and other thick soups. 

Holy Saturday - called here White Saturday
Easter in the Czech Republic 2

On White Saturday, the house is filled with the aroma of freshly-baked bread as the mazanec, a sweet raisin bun flavoured with rum, comes out of the oven..

Easter Sunday is the culmination of the celebration
Easter in the Czech Republic 3

The table is laden with Easter pastries such as:

  • buchty filled with cottage cheese, fruit or plum jam.
  • Easter spice bread (velikonoční perníčky)
  • "God's grace" (boží milosti), a kind of fritter sprinkled with sugar

For the mean course, there is roast lamb or rabbit stuffed with nettles, accompanied by meat broth and mashed potatoes.

In the past, those who could not afford lamb for Easter (a large part of the population) made do with a lamb-shaped cake. Veliknocni beranek (the Paschal lamb) is usually prettily decorated with icing sugar and ribbon. 


Easter Monday
Easter in the Czech Republic 4

Easter Monday is typified by egg dishes, symbolizing rebirth and new life.

Nádivka is made with white bread soaked in milk, mixed with eggs, some greens (usually young nettles, symbolizing spring). smoked pork, and a lot of nutmeg. Imagine a savory bread pudding to serve for brunch. 


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