White ham / Cooked Ham
White ham / Cooked Ham

Ham comes from the upper part of the rear legs of a pig. There is Jambon Cru, dry cured hams and wet cured hams that may be cooked again. Wet-cured ham includes the ham used in ham sandwiches. That ham is called Jambon Blanc (white ham), Jambon de Paris (Parisian ham), Jambon d'York, Jambon de Prague and Jambon à l'os (cooked with bone).

It may be steamed, braised, cooked in a kitchen linen or in a broth.

Jambon blanc / White ham

It is a general term for cooked ham.

Jambon de Paris

Jambon De Paris, or Parisian Ham or French Ham is made according to the French charcuterie recipe. It is delicately spiced, slowly cooked in its own juices with jeniper, coriander, cloves and bouquet garni in a rectangular mold.

Earlier, jambon de Paris was made in the Parisian area but now, this denomination, corresponds to a specific making of.



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