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French: caviar


Only the pearly black roe of the sturgeon can rightly be called caviar.

Along with truffles and saffron, it's one of the three most expensive products on earth. Each variety has its own particular physical and gustatory qualities. The roe (or eggs) extracted from the female is immediately weighed, washed, filtered, salted and put into jars. Caviar from the fish farms of the Abitibi region has won over Quebec's greatest chefs. The male comes up the river to spawn every two years and the females only once every four to seven years, making caviar not only an exceptional product, but a rare one.

Did you know...
Sturgeons are the most valuable fish of the world. Twenty five species and sub-species of sturgeons have been identified so far, of which only three species produce caviar, all living in the Caspian Sea. The specifications of these valuable Fishes are as follows:


An unopened jar of caviar can be kept in the refrigerator for a month. It is very important never to freeze caviar. Open the jar only when ready to serve. Once opened, it must be eaten up quickly.



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