Offal /Tripe Products
Offal /Tripe Products
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The tripe family
Being many and varied, tripe produce is classified into two main categories depending on the state in which they are sold (raw or dressed), i.e.: white and red tripe produce.

White tripe products
They require special and detailed preparation with prepared dressings and cooking times that can be long. They are only sold once they have been "prepared" by the tripe butcher.

They are scalded and blanched (even half-cooked) before being sold, to relieve the consumer of tedious and time-consuming preparation. White tripe includes

  • feet
  • ears
  • teats
  • stomach
  • calf's head, etc.

Red tripe products
They are sold fresh and "as is" and have only received the necessary trimming and rinsing in water. These include

  • kidneys
  • spleen
  • lungs
  • heart
  • tongue
  • sweetbreads
  • brain
  • fries
  • liver
  • cheeks, etc.



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