Fricassée of Farm Chicken and Girolles Recipe
Fricassée of Farm Chicken and Girolles
The Cuisine of the Landes region
Total time: 30 to 60 minutes

Prep. time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 50 to 60 minutes

Difficulty: Easy
For 4 servings

- 4 chicken legs
- 600 g girolles
- 1 onion
- 100 g smoked bacon lardons
- 750 ml / 3 cups chicken broth
- 3 Tbsp. heavy cream
- 30 g butter
- 3 Tbsp. oil
  1.  Clean the girolles, washing them quickly under cold water.
  2. Sear the chicken legs in oil in a Dutch oven. Remove and set aside.
  3. In the same pot, sauté the onion in butter.
  4. Add the lardons and 1/4 of the girolles. Cook 5 minutes.
  5. Add the chicken pieces, pour in the chicken stock, season, cover and cook for 40 minutes over low heat.
  6. Meanwhile, sauté the remaining girolles in a skillet in a little butter.
  7. Remove the chicken from the pot, add the cream, mix well, and let the sauce reduce.
  8. Return the chicken pieces to the pot with the girolles sautéed in butter.
  9. Serve very hot.
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 Photo: PL VIEL and V. DROUET for Qualité Landes

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