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Confit garlic Recipe
Confit garlic
Michel Rostang, restaurant Michel Rostang, Paris
Michel Rostang, restaurant Michel Rostang, Paris
Total time: 1hr to 2hr

Prep. time: A few minutes
Cooking time: 1-2 hours

Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note

I always have some some confit garlic in my kitchen. It adds excellent flavor and it's good for your health. When cooked in this way, it loses its aggressive edge and becomes easily digestible. It adds a delicate taste.

You can add a clove to potatoes, salads, roasts or fish when cooking them.

Confit garlic perks up a simple dish. For example, I had some leftover roast chicken. I cut it up into pieces and sautéed it in a pan with some confit garlic and a little onion. It was simple but delicious. It doesn't take much to create something wonderful!

- cloves of garlic
- peanut oil
  1. Separate the garlic into cloves, but do not peel them.
  2. Place the garlic in a skillet with the peanut oil and let simmer gently on the edge of the heat for an hour or two, depending on the size. The garlic will turn into a soft paste.
  3. Cool the garlic, then store in the fridge in a closed container. It will easily keep for a week or two.
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