Old-Fashioned Cardamom Shortbread Cookies Recipe
Old-Fashioned Cardamom Shortbread Cookies
Flavors of Sweden
Total time: more than 2 hours

Prep. time: 16 minutes + 6 hours refrigeration
Baking time: 10-12 minutes per batch
Oven temperature: 200° C (400° F)

Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note

These cookies are a Scandinavian holiday tradition, but they're good at any time of the year!

Tip: Store in a metal tin

- 175 g (6 oz.) beurre
- 225 g de cassonade

- 225 g (8 oz.) brown sugar
- 1 egg
- 4 tbsp. light cream
- 1/2 tbsp. almond extract
- 530 g (1 lb. 3 oz.) flour
- 1 tbsp. baking powder
- 2 tbsp. ground cardamom
  1. Combine all the ingredients;
  2. knead the dough and roll into a cylinder 5 cm (2") in diameter;
  3. roll up in waxed paper and refrigerate for 6 hours;
  4. slice the dough into rounds about 5 mm (1/4") thick; place on a buttered tray;
  5. bake in a preheated 200°C. (400°F.) oven for 12 minutes or until golden;
  6. remove from the oven; cool..   
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