Smoked Salmon Lollipops Recipe
Smoked Salmon Lollipops
Flavors of Canada
Total time: less than 15 minutes
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: None
Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note
The Art of Entertaining
Use acrylic sticks for this recipe. Stick them into a fruit (apple) or vegetable (eggplant), halved and laid flat on an acrylic square, glass platter or square mirror.
Sebastien Centner, director of Eatertainment Special Events, Toronto
Ingredients for 12 canapés
- 225 g (8 oz.) Cream Cheese
- 12 slices Smoked salmon, cut into 2
- 1 bunch chives, snipped finely
- 12 lollipop or popsicle sticks
  1. Prepare 3/4" diameter balls of cream cheese, roll and refrigerate.
  2. Cut circles of smoked salmon.
  3. Wrap each salmon circle around the cream cheese, and twist a sheet of plastic wrap round each ball to form a round shape.
  4. Place each ball in fridge until ready to use.
  5. Dip both sides of smoked salmon ball in snipped chives.
  6. Place stick into bottom of smoked salmon.
  7. Serve chilled.
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