Smoked salmon
Smoked salmon
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Other Names

Salmo salar

French: saumon fumé


Human beings have always tried to find methods of conservation to extend the life of their "catch." One of the happy results is smoked salmon, an ancient method which consists of first cleaning and filleting fresh salmon. 


Salting by hand
Salting by hand is a guarantee of high-quality production. The action of salting naturally eliminates impurities and excess moisture and thus refines and balances the flavour without any additives or chemical products. Use fine (table) salt, "dry" salt (sel sec), Guérande sea salt.

The salmon is then exposed to a hot or cold smoking.

Different kinds of wood can be used, each imparting a particular flavour: beech, evergreen branches, etc. Spices are added and sometimes a few drops of alcohol.

Mechanical slicing causes the fish to heat up. It is preferable to slice it by hand, with the knife lying very flat in order to produce long thin slices.




Photo: Petrossian / slicing smoked salmon

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