Cream Cheese
Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a smooth, white, mild-tasting cheese made from cream and milk.

American "History"
Cream cheese originated in the United States in 1872 when a dairyman in Chester, NY, developed a "richer cheese than ever before," made from cream as well as whole milk. Then in 1880, a New York cheese distributor, A. L. Reynolds, first began distributing cream cheese wrapped in tin-foil wrappers, calling it Philadelphia Brand.

But why did he call it Philadelphia? The name "Philadelphia Brand cream cheese" was adopted by Reynolds for the product because at that time, top-quality food products often originated in or were associated with the city, and were often referred to as being "Philadelphia quality."

Rich and creamy, cream cheese is adaptable to an infinite number of combinations and occasions. In New York, could anyone imagine anything but Philadelphia cream cheese being spread on a bagel? And of course, all of the best cheesecakes are made with cream cheese!


Photo courtesy of the Dairy Farmers of Canada
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