Langoustine, scampi or Dublin Bay Prawn
Langoustine, scampi or Dublin Bay Prawn
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Nephrops norvegicus

French: langoustine
Spanish: cigala


A decapod crustacean the size of a large crayfish, fished from silty bottom regions of the open Atlantic and Mediterranean.

According to the Larousse Gastronomique, the Dublin Bay prawn is known in French as "langoustine," while in Britain the shelled tail meat is generally referred to as "scampi." The term "prawn" can be confusing since it is used to describe several varieties of shellfish: the first group includes members of the lobster family such as the Dublin Bay prawn (langoustine in French and langostino in Spanish), Danish lobster, Italian scampi, etc., while the second takes in large shrimp, particularly those that live in fresh water.

Crispy Fried Langoustines with Mashed Potato and Spiced Carrot Jus
Bernard Villain, restaurant Charbonnel, Périgord, France
Langoustine Skewers with Rosemary
Michel Rostang, restaurant Michel Rostang, Paris
Langoustines with Chili and Sweet Garlic Nougatine
Alain Dutournier, Carré des Feuillants, Paris
Langoustines with Cockles, Mussels, Caviar and "Amandine" Potatoes
Bernard et Guy Ravet, L'Ermitage Bernard Ravet, Suisse
Lobster Tail or Langoustine Strudel with Lemon Balm Butter
Alain Labrie, La table du chef, Sherbrooke, Québec
Roast Langoustine Tails with Raw Mushroom Salad and Sesame Oil-Muscat Vinaigrette
Bernard Villain, restaurant Charbonnel, Périgord, France
Roast Langoustines and Shaved Fennel Salad with Lemon Dressing and Juniper
Alain Llorca, Hôtel-restaurant Alain Llorca, France
Scampi in Saffron Batter with Winter Salad
Johann Lafer, Johann Lafer's Stromburg, Allemagne
Steamed Dublin Bay Prawn Ravioli
Jacques et Laurent Pourcel, Le Jardin des Sens, France


Photo : Setraco

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