Lautrec Pink Garlic
Lautrec Pink Garlic

Flavors of Tarn

Legend holds that pink garlic appeared in the Lautrec region of France in the Middle Ages. A pedlar stopped at an inn in Lautrec for a meal. Having no money, the merchant had to pay his bill in pretty pink garlic cloves. The innkeeper planted them, popularizing the pink garlic that then became highly developed in the region.

Between 1800 and 1900, pink garlic was grown in small market gardens and sold in bunches in the local markets.

After the Second World War, the production of Lautrec pink garlic developed. An association to protect the Lautrec pink garlic name was established in 1959 and the "Label Rouge" was granted in 1966 in official recognition of the product's superior quality.


The garlic grows on a stiff floral stem, explaining why it is traditionally sold in bunches rather than braids.

These stalks of garlic are a delight for cooks and chefs because, besides being practical, they make a great decorative element.

The skin enclosing the cloves is veined with a pretty pink color and the bulbs are even in size.

Lautrec pink garlic is peeled down to the inner skin (only the final wrapper around the bulb is left on) in order to allow the pink color of the cloves to show through the peel.



Lautrec pink garlic is known for its keeping properties. It will last from one harvest to the next under the proper conditions (a constant temperature between 12 and 15° C in a dry well-ventilated space).


Lautrec pink garlic is known for its remarkable flavor properties: sweet and subtle, its taste is unagressive and allows it to pair harmoniously with every dish.


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