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Crêpe Millefeuille with Apple and Apricot Compote Recipe
Crêpe Millefeuille with Apple and Apricot Compote
Jean-Pierre Vigato, Restaurant Apicius, Paris
Jean-Pierre Vigato, Restaurant Apicius, Paris
Flavors of France
Total time: 1hr to 2hr

Preparation and cooking time: 2 hours

Difficulty: Average
Chef's Note

Serve the millefeuille warm or cold, accompanied by crème anglaise or a vanilla milkshake with a little apricot jam.

For 4 servings

- 4 apples
- 100 g (3 1/2 oz.) cane sugar
- 1 vanilla bean
- 2 eggs
- 3 tbsp. apricot jam

For the crêpe batter
- 200 g (7 oz.) flour
- A pinch of salt
- 3 eggs
- 1 tbsp. sugar
- 250 ml (1 cup) milk
- 40 g (3 tbsp.) browned butter
- 30 g (2 tbsp.) butter

Crêpe batter

  1. In a bowl, combine 3 eggs with 250 ml (1 c.) milk. Add the flour. Blend with a handmixer until frothy.
  2. Add the browned butter at the last minute. Blend for a few moments more. Set aside.

Apple compote

  1. Peel and quarter the apples; add the split vanilla bean. Steam until cooked;
  2. then, using the handmixer, blend the apples with the eggs and sugar.

Cooking and assembling

  1. Cook the crêpes (making them as thin as possible) in a small non-stick pan (about 15 cm / 6" in diameter). Count out 12 crêpes.
  2. Butter a round oven-proof dish. Place a first crêpe in the dish, add a spoonful of the apple compote and a touch of apricot jam.
  3. Place another crêpe on top and continue layering until all 12 crêpes have been used, being careful to divide the compote and the jam evenly.
  4. Cover with aluminum foil and cook in a bain-marie in a medium oven for 40 minutes.
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