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Mango Marinade or Dressing Recipe
Mango Marinade or Dressing
Eric Briffard, Le Cinq, Paris
Eric Briffard, Le Cinq, Paris
Flavors of Paris and the Ile-de-France
Total time: less than 15 minutes

Prep. time: A few minutes
Cooking time: None

Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note

This marinade from Eric Briffard is meant to accompany his Scallop and Caviar Salad but you could also use it to marinate poultry or to add a tropical note to chicken breast or mild salad greens.

- 30 g (1 oz.) lime juice
- A pinch of salt and a grinding of fresh pepper
- 40 g (1 1/2 oz.) peeled mango
- 80 g (1/3 cup) olive oil
  1. place all the ingredients into a blender container and liquefy for several seconds until smooth.
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