Lemon grass
Lemon grass
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Cymbopogon citratus, C.flexuosus

French: Citronnelle
German: Zitronengras, Citronella
Spanish: Hierba de limon, Zacate de limón, Te de limón
Portuguese: Capim-santo, Erva-cidreira
Italian: Erba di limone, Cimbopogone
Dutch: Citroengras
Hindi: Sera, Verveine, sereh
Malay: Serai
Tagalog: Tanglad
Indonesian: Sere
Thai: Ta krai
Chinese :Cang-Mao, Xiang Mao Cao, Heung mao tsu, Ching tong
Vietnamese: Xa


C. flexuosus is originally from tropical Asia (Sri Lanka or India), while the C. citratus variety comes primarily from Malaysia and Indonesia

Poaceae family (formerly Gramineae)

Lemon grass is a tropical perennial plant that grows in sunny humid climates. It forms long thin stalks that are stiff and sharp-edged, varying in color from light green to grayish.


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