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French: truffe



Paradoxically, the more expensive truffles are, the less tasty they are!

In fact, when the season is good, truffles are plentiful on the market. This allows wholesalers to sort them according to quality and so the price stays reasonable.

For lovers of fresh truffles, the season is short: from December to March. However, I prefer to eat them after January 15, which is when they reach full ripeness and when their wonderful flavors are at their peak.

The Burgundy truffle (Tuber incinatum) should not be overlooked, even if it can’t compete with the gustatory power and perfection of its cousin from Périgord. However, avoid cooking the Burgundy truffle, which will kill all of its flavor; used in salads, though, it can be delicious.


Perigord truffle
their black, white-veined flesh only ripens after the first frosts; they are collected between November and March

Burgundy truffle
Very different, this early truffle is gathered from September until Christmas

Summer truffle
Collected May to September

White truffle
October, November


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