Royal Couscous with Meat Recipe
Royal Couscous with Meat
Flavors of Morocco
Total time: 1hr to 2hr

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: About 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note

Arrange the couscous in a cone on a large platter, form a crater in the center, place the meat and vegetables in it, ladle some broth over top and let it absorb. Serve the remaining bouillon in bowls so guests can serve themselves.

Provide soup spoons for guests who aren’t used to forming the couscous into balls by hand.

Serve harissa and other condiments in small dishes.

Ingredients for 6-8 servings
- 1 small Chicken, cut into 6 pieces
- 6 merguez sausages
- 6 skewers of Lamb
- 6 tbsp. raisins
- 6 tbsp. almonds or pine nuts
- 250 g (9 oz.) Chickpeas, soaked overnight
- 150 g (5 oz.) butter
- A pinch of Saffron
- 1 tsp. pepper
- Salt
- 6 liters (24 cups) water
- 1 kg (2 1/4 lb.) Semolina
- 4 wedges of salt-preserved lemon
- 100 g (6 tbsp.) olive oil
  1. Place the chicken into the bottom part of a couscoussier along with the chick peas, saffron, salt, pepper and water and place over high heat.
  2. Put the couscous into the upper part of the couscoussier and set it over the boiling pot. The steam should escape only through the top; otherwise seal the two parts with a strip of cloth covered in a light flour and water paste. Once you see steam escaping, cook for 30 minutes longer.
  3. Remove the couscous, place it in a large deep platter, and separate the grains by rubbing them between your palms or crushing them with a ladle. Ladle 2 to 3 ladles of lightly salted cold water over top, separate the grains and let rest 15 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile grill the merguez sausages and the lamb skewers.
  5. Pour the olive oil over the couscous and separate the grains. Return the couscous to the top of the couscoussier and 5 minutes after steam starts to escape, fluff the grains of couscous with the butter.
  6. Add the raisins and almonds to the couscous; place on a large deep platter; top with the meats and preserved lemon; serve the remaining broth in a sauce dish.
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