Semolina / Couscous
Semolina / Couscous
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Other Names

French: semoule


from the Latin simila meaning flour

Semolina consists of a relatively hard ground cereal in the form of granules. The grains are moistened, ground, dried, then sifted. Often made from wheat, semolina also has some particular varieties: 

  • white semolina comes from rice
  • semolina for polenta comes from corn 
  • semolina for kasha comes from buckwheat 
  • yellow semolina = wheat colored with saffron or turmeric 

Nutritional values 

  • rich in carbohydrates
  • rich in minerals if the semolina is "ordinary" rather than "superior" quality 


  • fine semolina is used to make pasta 
  • medium and coarse semolina is used in soups and desserts 
  • couscous, tabbouleh and gnocchi are made from semolina 
Tomatoes stuffed with couscous salad
Johann Lafer, Johann Lafer's Stromburg, Allemagne

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