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French: safran


Saffron, the prized stigmas of the Crocus sativus, has been known and cultivated as a spice since ancient times. It was undoubtedly brought to Europe by crusaders who had discovered its potent flavor in Asia Minor. During that period it was being actively produced in Persia, Kashmir and Macedonia. At the same time, the Arabs had introduced saffron into Spain where it was grown in the provinces of Valencia and Alicante.

Saffron is an "inverse" growing bulb whose growing period extends from October to May.


Plant the bulbs from May to September in well-prepared top-dressed soil, 10 cm deep and 5 cm apart.

In October, pick the flower and extract the pistil consisting of three red filaments. Dry them in the open air or very lightly in the oven. After a few minutes the saffron is ready to be consumed.

Growing cycle:

* October: flowering
* Winter: plant development
* Late spring: leaves dry out. Leave the bulbs in place for 3 years, then replant the bulbs in another location.


You need to infuse saffron treads few minutes in a hot liquid.


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