Isle-aux-Grues Cheeses
Isle-aux-Grues Cheeses

Flavors of Chaudière-Appalachians

Isle-aux-Grues (French for "island of cranes") is an island located on the Saint Lawrence River, measuring about 7 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide, well renowned for this excellent cheeses - Le Mi-Carême, Le Riopelle and Tomme de Grosse-île.

Under its brand new signature, Fromagerie de l'Isle launches this fall a new collection of five (5) fine high-end cheeses in addition to La Bête-À-Séguin, a new cheese with the image of Marc Séguin, a natural association with the Fromagerie de l'Isle and this renowned artist.

Here are some of the new ones :

La Bête-à-Séguin
Isle-aux-Grues Cheeses 1

Tasty and bold, la Bête-À-Séguin (Séguin-the-beast) borrows the artist’s name and personality: daring, without compromise, 100% authentic.

Its soft paste offers buttery and animal aromas. Its white bloomy rind develops reddish tones with time, giving it a very unique look.

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Le Bécart de l’Isle
Isle-aux-Grues Cheeses 2

Bécart de l’Isle is a soft blue cheese with a white bloomy rind showing brownish veining. Its main notes are woodsy and mushroomy.

The name Bécart evokes the nobility of Isle-aux-Grues at the end of the XXVII century. Lord Pierre Bécart was given Isle-aux-Oyes and half of Isle-aux-Grues.

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Le Cheval noir de l'Isle
Isle-aux-Grues Cheeses 3

Mild, with lactic notes, this semi-firm paste cheese is covered with a thin coat of vegetable ash and a bloomy rind.

The name Cheval noir (black horse) comes from the legend in which a black horse is seen galloping across the island only to disappear in the cold waters of the St. Lawrence River.

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Le Curé Quertier de l’Isle
Isle-aux-Grues Cheeses 4

Supple and tasty, this semi-soft cheese offers beautiful contrasts in texture and in colour. The slightly sandy rind shows warm orangey hues covering a melt-in-your-mouth perfectly salted yellow paste with delicious notes of butter and roasted almond.

Curé (Father) Quertier comes from the name of the first priest to reside on the island of Isle-aux-Grues. He lived in the sacristy of the church as they had no presbytery.

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