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Produced since ancient times, feta's nutritional values were praised by Hippocrates. Today, age-old production methods are still followed with the milk stored in leather bags until it has Curd led. This is arguably the cheese that has become best known outside of Greece's borders. Did you know that the word "feta" means "slice"? So ask for a certain number of grams of feta, instead of a slice of slice!

a semi-soft rindless cheese: it is firm but soft, crumbly, white and salty

Once the milk forms, it is heated over a fire and then the Curd is collected, salted and drained;
the length of its ripening depends on the degree of salting and on its texture

slightly tangy and piquant

Nutritional values
Fat: 50%

Culinary file

  • Eat plain on bread or with crudités
  • add cubes to a country salad
  • marinate in olive oil with a sprig of marjoram
  • it is also used in many cooked dishes including cheese and spinach turnovers

the Greeks cut it into triangular pieces

Tips and Hints
if the feta is too salty, soak it in cold water for a day



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