Granny Smith apple
Granny Smith apple
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Long looked upon as a mystical, even divine, fruit evoking eroticism and sensuality, the apple is undoubtedly one of humanity's oldest foods. With its sour, sweet and even salty notes, the apple we bite into so enthusiastically also lends itself to 1001 culinary uses, continually inspiring new preparations in every age and culture. Whether apples are part of classic dishes, dazzling new creations from famous chefs or family recipes handed down from generation to generation, cooks have always known how to make the most of this fruit, found almost everywhere on earth.

The Granny Smith apple was first cultivated in 1868 in Sydney, Australia by Maria Ann Smith, the "granny" who gave her name to this wonderfully versatile fruit. It is bright green, sometimes with yellow highlights when ripe, and of average size. It has very firm juicy white or cream-colored flesh and a thick skin. It lends itself well to pies, cakes, compotes, spreads, chutneys, sauces and salads. It stands up well to normal cooking and freezes easily.


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