Mirabelle or Yellow Plum
Mirabelle or Yellow Plum
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Prunus insititia var. syriaca

French : mirabelle


Flavors of Lorraine

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The mirabelle plum is believed to have originated in Asia Minor, that is, the region lying east of the Bosporus between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Over time it reached Europe and is now a specialty of France's Lorraine region, which produces 70% of the world's mirabelles.

The mirabelle plum is closely related to the damson and bullace. The fruits are small and oval-shapedwith a smooth-textured flesh. It is recognizable particularly by its dark yellow color which develops a flecked appearance. Mirabelles are much prized for their sweetness and flavor. 



Mirabelle de Nancy
is believed to have come to France from the East in the 15th century.

Mirabelle de Metz
was first recorded in 1675 and is the second most popular variety.



Photo : François Bertram; Collaboration : Canetti Conseil.

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