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Elettaria cardamomum / Elettaria major

French: cardamome
Origin: Sri Lanka, India, Southeast Asia, Near East


After vanilla, cardamom is the most expensive spice on the world market

Original cardamom comes from Malabar and Ceylon
Malabar cardamom - Elettaria cardamomum

Ceylon cardamom - Elettaria major
As its name indicates, this cardamom tree is larger and its fruit bigger. However it produces a lesser-quality spice.

Cambodian cardamom
The Kravanh mountains of Cambodia and Thailand were for a long time known as the Cardamom Mountains, but they also produce a false cardamom, from the same ginger family, but of the aframomum variety instead of amomum.

Cardamom from Indochina - Amomum kravanh - called amome
This species is recognizable by its round pod. Its flowers grow in long spikes.


From the Greek kardamômon, 4th century BC - a juxtaposition of kard meaning bitter garden cress and amômon, an Eastern word referring to a kind of spice after the return of Alexander the Great.

Cardamom can be found in three forms:

  • green - most fragrant
  • black - larger and very aromatic
  • white - blander since it is treated to make it white

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