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French: Pruneau


Prune trees begin to produce fruit between the 4th and the 6th years. But maximal production is reached between the 8th and 12th years.

Harvesting period is during one month from mid-august.

Ripe fruits are harvest by manual shaking or with a mechanic vibrator to bring down all the fruits on a cover.

Then, the fruit are cleaned with water and dried with sun or in an industrial oven.

The quality of the dried prunes depends on the ripeness of the fruit when it was harvested.
Countries of origin
The most important origins are California (125 000 tons / year), followed by Chili (45 000 T / year), France with the famous Agen dried prunes (45 000 T / year), Argentina, Serbia, Australia, Italy and South Africa (900 T / year).

Varieties and grades
To be considered as a dried fruit, humidity must be less than 3%.

Sizing: number of whole dried prunes for 500g - France / USA
Giants (géants): 33/44 / Extra large: Less than 43
Very large (très gros): 44/55 / Large: Less than 53
Large (gros): 55/66 / Medium: Less than 67
Medium (moyens): 66/77 / Small: Less than 85.



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