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French: persil


General information

Origin: Mediterranean basin

 From the Greek "petroselinum," a combination of the words "rock" and "celery."

An umbelliferous edible plant of the Apiaceae family.

The two best known varieties are frizzy or curly leaf parsley, and flat leaf parsley which has scalloped or smooth leaves.

How great it would be to be able to have one or several drinks without the nasty side effects: no hangover, no dizziness! The Greeks, avid drinkers according to history, found a miraculous solution by snacking on parsley, as one would on salted nuts or pretzels. Parsley aided digestion, masked the odour of the drink, and dissipated the heady fumes of the alcohol. Parsley became such an important part of balance in cooking that a French author of the 17th century went so far as to say that if a chef refused to use parsley in his cooking, he had no right to teach his art.

Culinary File

Using Parsley in Your Kitchen

Nutritional values
Calories: 33; Carbohydrates 7 g; Protein, 2.2 g, Fat: 0.3 g. Rich in trace elements, mineral salts, calcium, chlorophyll, iron, potassium and Vitamins A, B and C

Buying parsley
Look for a firm stem, nice straight leaves without blemishes or yellowing, and no wilting. For long cooking choose flat leaf parsley, which will hold up better and which has more flavour. Choose curly parsley for garnishing plates and for cold dishes.

Wash, blot dry, and keep in a plastic bag supplied with air holes in the lower part of the refrigerator. To keep parsley firm longer, place the stems in a glass of water in the refrigerator. Freezing: chop finely, let dry on a baking pan for two hours, and place in bags.

Cooking tips
Parsley is still an essential part of the classic bouquet garni. It is used everywhere, from fish soups to meat sauces. It goes well with curd cheeses like ricotta or cottage cheese, is perfect for tomatoes or butter, is an excellent partner for garlic… in short, for anything except sweet foods!

Remove the stalks, wash the leaves and blot them dry with a clean tea towel. Chop them in a blender and add 100 g of butter in small pieces after the first few turns. Add salt and pepper to the parsley butter and use for frying fish, frogs' legs, potatoes, etc.

"Persillade" is a mixture of chopped fresh parsley and garlic, the proportion of which can vary from half and half to two-thirds to one-third. Add it at the end of cooking to flavour various dishes. Add bread crumbs and use it to cover a rack of lamb near the end of cooking, along with hot mustard if desired, and serve with tomatoes à la provençale.

Worldwide Gourmet
Lebanon's famous "tabbouleh" is renowned for its energy-giving qualities: bulgur wheat, parsley, tomatoes, mint, onion, oil and lemon juice Italy - grimolata is a flavouring mixture sprinkled on veal cutlets. Mix in equal quantities: chopped garlic, chopped parsley, grated lemon zest. Switzerland, Belgium - parsley is fried to accompany sea food and grilled meats.



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