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Daucus carota (sativa)

French: carotte


General Information

Origin: Afghanistan
Etymology: from the Latin carota

Biennial umbelliferous garden plant.
This root vegetable grows in the earth, revealing only its plume of tops above ground.

Did you know that the carrot’s distinctive orange color did not make its appearance until the nineteenth-century? Carrots were originally somewhere between white and yellow. Then one day an orange carrot, a whim of nature, was found in a field. The seed was collected and by careful selection and crossbreeding the carrot cast off its original parsnip-like beige and took on its now-familiar orange hue. But depending on the season and region, you’ll find yellow, white, red and pink carrots… nature is the painter!

Glazed New Carrots with Gingerbread Caramel
Frédéric Anton, Pré Catelan, Paris

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