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Vitis spp

French: raisin


There are red, green, and deep-purple, almost black, grapes; those with and without seeds; there are bitter ones and sweet ones. There are more varieties than there are grapes in a bunch.

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known since the stone age in the Caucasus and the Mediterranean

from the Old French "grappe," bunch of grapes Vitaceae familyThe fruit of the vine, a climbing bush with five-lobed leaves which can support up to 50 bunches of little round berries of varying plumpness

Wine grape varieties
Grape Tart
Marc Meneau, L'Espérance, France
Roast Pike-Perch Loin with Christmas Beer and Fruit Fricassée
Antoine Westermann, chef au Le Coq Rico à Montmartre, anc. chef du Buerehiesel en Alsace, France

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