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 Juglans spp.

French: Noix de Grenoble


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 All about Walnut

The walnut is the only nut in the world to have been granted a protected designation of origin to ensure its quality. It received an A.O.C. (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) in France in 1938.

Originally from the Far East, the walnut began to be grown throughout the Roman empire in classical times. To the Romans, it was Jovis glans, or acorn of Jupiter, an indication of the high esteem in which it was held. 

Walnut trees have been grown in Isère in eastern France since the 11th century.  

Extracting the nut
Extracting the nut involves cracking the shells to remove the walnut halves, which traditionally takes place during an evening with friends and neighbors. The shells are cracked on a hollow tile set on one's lap, using a walnut wood or boxwood mallet. The nut is then removed by hand.

Walnuts can be used in many ways, made into oil, liqueur, jam, condiments, creams, desserts, nougat, candies, mustard...



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