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Pandalus, Penaeus spp

French: crevette
Spain: quisquilla, camaron
Germany: gardene, Krabbe
Denmark: reje
Greece: garida
Iceland: raekjur
Italy: gamberetto, gambero
Yugoslavia: kozica
Turkey: karides
Japan: ebi
Norway: reke
Portugal: Camarao
Netherlands: garnaal


Classified in the Decapoda Macroura category, shrimp are major crustaceans with thin laterally-flattened bodies. Over 1500 species exist; they are found in every tropical and temperate sea.

Shrimp are found in abundance along the coasts, but some also live in deep waters. The most common varieties are the brown or common shrimp, which usually does not exceed 6 cm (2 1/2”), and the northern or pink shrimp, which can reach 10 cm (4”). The Spanish term gambas refers to the pink “Algerian” shrimp fished in the deep waters of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The latter reaches a length of 15-20 cm (6-8”). By extension, gambas or “prawns” are the names given to large shrimp, while the term “shrimp” refers to varieties under 10 cm (4”).


Prawns including Tiger shrimps
They are the largest shrimps on the market

Pink shrimps

Northern shrimps
They are tiny, usually sold cooked and deveined.

Pan-Roasted Gambas with Dried Herbs and Asparagus
Jacques Chibois, La Bastide Saint-Antoine, France
Prawns and Grilled Vegetables with Provençal Sauce
Jean Soulard, Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (1993-2013), Québec
Raw Prawns with Dried Strawberries, Large Olives and Basil
Carme Ruscalleda, restaurante Sant Pau, Espagne
Warm Prawn Salad with Curry Sabayon
Benoît Sinthon, Il Gallo d'Oro, Madère

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