Poultry and feathered game
Poultry and feathered game
Braised Bresse Chicken with Tarragon
Sophie Bise, Auberge du Père Bise, France
Braised Chicken with Apples and Calvados
Michel Bruneau - Restaurant La Bourride
Bresse Chicken Fricassee with Garlic Cloves and Foie Gras
Georges Blanc, restaurant Georges Blanc, France
Bresse Chicken in Cocotte with Vegetables and Truffle Mousseline
Philippe Rochat, restaurant Hôtel de Ville, Suisse
Chicken Grand-Mere Francine
Daniel Boulud, Daniel, USA
Géline (Black Poultry) in Salt Crust with Sautéed Potatoes
Jean Bardet, anc. Château Belmont, France
Glazed Guinea Hen with Mirabelle Plums and Rosemary
Flora Mikula, restaurant Flora Mikula, Paris
Guinea Fowl Breasts with Ground Cherries and Buckwheat Honey
Martin Boucher, Manoir des Érables, Québec
Pan-Seared Duck Steak with Mango Tagliatelle and Lime
Bernard Villain, restaurant Charbonnel, Périgord, France
Pigeon Breasts with Ravioli
Gualtiero Marchesi, L'Albereta, Italie
Pigeon with Apple, Passion Fruit and Red Wine Sauce
Giovanni D'Amato, Ristorante Il Rigoletto, Italie
Poached Bresse Chicken with Garden Herbs and Madras Curry Butter
Philippe Chevrier, Domaine de Châteauvieux, Suisse
Quail “Three Ways” with Cantaloupe Emulsion
Dominique Truchon, l'Auberge des Peupliers, Québec, Canada
Roast Guinea Fowl with Pumpkin Gratin
Guy Savoy, restaurant Guy Savoy, Paris
Roast Pigeon with Truffle
Jacques Lameloise
Turkey Breast with Bigoli Pasta and Giblet-Foie Gras Sauce
Charlie Trotter, Charlie Trotter Restaurant, Chicago, USA
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