Fromage blanc / Fresh cheese / Baker's cheese
Fromage blanc / Fresh cheese /  Baker's cheese
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Fromage frais is fresh cheese that can include baker's cheese and cottage cheese: cheese in its simplest expression.

With no rind or bloom, but with a tangy fresh mild flavor, soft cheeses represent the "childhood" of cheese. Runny, creamy or silky, with a moisture content above 60%, they often offer the bright whiteness of fresh milk. Not ripened or fermented, they are made from pasteurized milk or cream which is simply curdled - the first step in any cheesemaking. Then the curds are drained to a greater or lesser extent, always using natural methods.


Sommelier's suggestion

They go well with sparkling wines, champagne or light dry whites, served chilled. Red wines are too heavy.

White Cheese (Fromage Blanc) with Herbs
Jean-Paul Lacombe, Léon de Lyon, France, Léon de Lyon, Lyon, France


Photo: Courtesy of the Dairy Farmers of Canada

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