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French: boeuf


Nutritional Value
Beef contains excellent nutritive properties, since it contains proteins rich in essential amino acids. Keep in mind if you are on a diet that you need to increase your daily intake of protein, and consequently to eat a little more meat than normal. Beef is rich in vitamins PP and B12 as well as zinc and iron. Remember that iron is necessary to children's growth and to women's physiological balance. A lack of it can lead to anemia. Thanks to the haem iron it contains, beef is, of all foods, one of the best sources of iron for the body.

Different Cuts, Different Pleasures
Do you know the simplest cooking recipe in the world? Steak! since contrary to popular belief, steak is not a cut, but a culinary preparation.
A steak can be cut from short fibre meat (rump, inside round, ribs) or from long fibre meats (flank or skirt steak, etc.).
It can be cooked on the grill or pan-cooked, served blue, rare, or medium.
Simple? Yes, but with a little imagination, there are endless delicious possibilities!

Storing Beef
When storing a piece of beef, do not keep it in airtight wrapping (such as plastic wrap or aluminum foil). Wrap it instead in waxed paper. It will keep easily for 48 hours in a cold (2 to 4° C) refrigerator.
Ground beef, on the other hand, must be cooked and consumed within twelve hours of purchasing it.
If you buy frozen beef, allow sufficient time for it to thaw in the refrigerator: 5 to 6 hours for a steak and 12 hours for a roast.
If you thaw meat in the microwave, always let it rest for 5 to 15 minutes at room temperature to allow it to finish thawing evenly.


Beef Tenderloin with Fleurie Wine and Marrow
Michel Troisgros, Maison Troisgros, France
Charolais Filet with Hay Jus and Little Vegetables
Patrick Bertron, Le Relais Bernard Loiseau, France
Poached Sirloin with Dried Ceps and Vermicelli
Michel Troisgros, Maison Troisgros, France

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